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Make Good Stuff!

Here at Gold Coast Chemical Products, we take pride in the chemicals that we provide for our community and communities around the world. We’re dedicated to making sure that you are satisfied with the quality of the products we provide. We know that if you want to do long business, you have to do good business. We hope to serve your chemical needs for years to come.

Because we love it!

You don’t do something well for 30 years that you don’t love. Our company was recently bought by a small family business owner and it was important to everyone involved that love of the business be evident in a new owner and that’s exactly what we got. Paul Narpaul has been mixing and calculating chemical equations for a third of his life and he brings passion and service to our company portfolio.

Our customers consist of military, homeland security, construction professionals, oil companies, large industry, golf courses, factories, hospitals, air conditioning plants, municipalities, banks, the boating industry, restaurants, packing plants, hotels, motels. We sell to federal, state, county and city governments. From primary schools to universities and fire to police departments; our products are trusted and chosen for quality and reliability.

We are a veteran and minority owned business enterprise. We have over 25 years of experience creating a gamut of effective chemicals. We are the proud creators and proprietors of a number of EPA registered products. We are also a GSA contract holder, which means you’re always getting the best price and service with integrity.
Gold Coast Chemical Products is dedicated to offering quality products worldwide. We also have International Distributors that we do business with, which affords our company flexibility, diversity and a competitive edge. We are always trying to develop new International Distributorships. To become an International Distributor please contact us for more information.

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