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No Slime! Try it!

21 November 16

A non-corrosive controllant of algae, fungus and slime in condensate pans. Reduces malodors and maintenance problems associated with stagnant water and moisture. EPA REGISTERED, NO SLIME STRIP has the highest percentage active ingredient, ounce per ounce, than any other microbicide of its kind.NO SLIME STRIP is a complete product for the treatment of air conditioning drain pans, dehumidifiers, computer room equipment, coolers, refrigerated vending machines, and cold storage walk-ins. Comes in two sizes, regular size for up to 5 ton units, Jumbo size for 10-15 ton units. For larger units use multiple strips. pH 7-neutral. This products is non-corrosive to metallic surfaces and has visible packaging. No guess work on how much product remains available for use.